Here is the list of our services.

Web Designs

Our main expertise is in web designing. We design websites ranging from small to big. Most of our web designs are created with pure HTML and CSS.

When you look at our portfolios, our web designs do not use Flash at all because we believe in simplicity, speed, and usability. We design simple beautiful websites that bring your users straight to the point without unnecessary animations and nonsense.

If you like our designs and plan to get a website, then please contact us :)

Web Application (Programming)

Apart from web designing, we create web application (programming) as well. Web application are extra features that requires our developer to use programming (and database) to create.

You might probably need some small dynamic features (such as Bulletin, Newsletter, Banner Manager, and etc...) for your website. These small little features can make your websites a lot more professional and complete.

Discuss with us on what you need, we will get the best solution for you.

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

Avoid looking for the right web hosting and the hassle of registrating your domain name. Let us handle all these for you with a minimal cost. Leave these to us and so you can concentrate on your business.

As a piece of advice, you should always let your web designer/developer to handle all these for you. Let them update you when it is time renewal. Let them choose the right hosting for you. They are the one who are clear about all these.

Hosted Email Setup

Just started out your business and plan to get your own email address? That's easy. Don't pay web hosting company too much just to get an email. You don't need to do that. There is alternative.

We can setup Hosted Email for you which requires you to pay only one time setup fee. There is no renewal payment. The best thing about Hosted Email Services is that you will get unlimited disk spaces and also professional web interface. You will get your own email address (for example, instead of

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO are important for your website because it allows search engines such as Google and Yahoo to understand your website more. We can improve this by having proper HTML tags, content, and metadatas.

Having SEO is essential because it can make the ranking of your website goes a lot higher than a website that does not have SEO enhancement. However, we do not guarantee that the result will be significant as there are many other factors that could cause the results.

Templating Designs

You are a programmer, but may not be a good designer. Your clients need the designs to be stunningly good. We understand the situation well and we are ready to help.

We can design templates for your web application. Be it a completed or yet-to-be-programmed web application, you can leave it to us.

Logo / Banner / Brochure / Company Profile Design

Logo, banner, brochure, and company profile designing might not be our core business, but we do create simple graphic design for our clients. However, we might not be able to create fancy animations and organic illustrations because we are not hardcore graphic designers.
We don't do Flash.
There has been numerous of enquiries to us on whether we do Flash or not. The simple answer is no.

Our expertise lies in static web designs (HTML and CSS) and programmings (PHP and mySql).

We are not in photography.
Taking professional photography is not in our scope. Let's leave your beautiful photograph to the experts.

However, we can find professional images (that is royalty free) from the Internet if required.