Web Designing!

I love to create websites. Your's next.

Creating websites is fun. It requires you to be creative and understand what a client needs. I have been creating websites for the past 3 years and it has became part of my life. Feel free to contact me if you think my web designs suit your taste.

Leremy Gan, founder of Leremy.com
A short introduction about me
My name is Leremy Gan. I was borned on 1981. I am a graduate from Multimedia Unversity and since then I started my own business in web designing/development.

No, we are not freelancer
Many has been asking whether we are freelancers or not. The answer is no. We have established our self into a company and want to be more serious about our work and operations.

Make money with me
Apart from designing/developing websites, I also make money from other stuffs such as blogging, innovative web applications, and any other things that are web-related.

Become my friend
Doesn't have a job for me? Doesn't matter. If you like me, then let's become my friend. I can share my knowledge and to learn from you. Contact me!!!