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I have been drawing stick figures for over 9 years now and it has become a part of me. Throughout these years, I have published over 10000 stick figures in over thousand of topics. They have been downloaded and used over millions of times throughout the world. It would seems to me, that my life has been dedicated to Stick Figures - and in a way, they have become my best friends.
Leremy Gan
The Master of Stick Figures Artist
Leremy and His Peculiar World of Stick Figures
So, I decided to become a comic artist for a bit. Please follow and like my Facebook (Leremy and His Peculiar World of Stick Figures) to read my funny comic strips everyday.
Your support meant a lot to me.

Where can I buy all your stick figures artwork?

I would recommend you to buy from the sites below due to their fairness to artist and powerful search engine.
Please use the referral link above to enjoy 50% discount when you purchase from Iconfinder.
Powerful search engine.
Fair agency. However, full portfolio visibility depends availability to your region.

Can I buy the Stick Figures directly from you?

Yes, of course. This will be a win-win situation for both of us.
Per Existing Stick Figure Standard License $3
Extended License $12
Logo License $100
Per Existing Set Standard License $10
Extended License $30
Per Custom Made Stick Figure Extended License $40
Per Custom Logo Design Logo License $160

Standard License - For website, mobile or desktop app, printing, marketing material, presentation, video, signboard, and almost anywhere at all.
Extended License - For all the above with addition of using it on merchandise items or resell purposes (such as T-shirt, cards, books, part of mass distributed digital products, and etc). Please note that you are NOT allowed to resell/distribute the artwork in digital form as it is because this will create business competition to me (the original artist).
Logo License - For incorporating the artwork into part of your logo.

Terms and Conditions for Custom Works

Below are a few important points that you must accept before I can commit to your task.
  1. All the copyright of the images created will still belong to me (the artist). Meaning to say, I can sell them off at stock agencies and other purposes.
  2. I can only start designing the artworks once the full payment is made. For larger project (above $1000 USD), I will have to collect 50% advance payment first. The last 50% will be collected upon project completion.
  3. All custom made designs will have a maximum of 3 edits (in case amendment is required). New modifications from 4th and onward will be charged with an extra $10 per edit.
  4. Payment can be made through PayPal or Payoneer.

Can I get exclusivity/copyright from you?

Unfortunately, I cannot give exclusivity/copyright due to the reason below.
Most of my artworks reuse the similar elements from my previous works. A stick figure will still be a stick figure, while a dog will still be a dog. These elements are more or less the same even though they might be slight different with their actions and positions. So, they would look similar and thus I cannot give exclusivity/copyright to my clients to avoid any conflict in the future.

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